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Our Values
Wisdom and inner growth is learned through curiosity and experience. Everyone has the knowledge they seek inside themselves. Ask For Alchemy provides tools by which one discovers their inner wisdom. AFA is on a mission to uncover the wisdom within and increase, and enhance the manifestation of that knowledge.

Sharing is compassion and joy. We are living in a turbulent world where our values, the environment, and new technologies are changing at a rapid pace creating much disruption in our lives. In order to cope with the globalization of our experience we must consciously reach beyond ourselves and include an understanding of another’s needs in our daily lives. We must share more, work together, be flexible and adaptable.

Giving makes the world a better place, improves your health, the quality of your relationships and the level of your happiness. Giving supports ones feelings of self worth and fulfillment. Providing the tools for learning to give and celebrate giving, gives meaning to the work we do and enables us to give more to our community, and to our world.

We are moved by a strong purpose to build a better world and through that intention we will earn the resources we need and more. When many people are impacted by our work we are earning. We are getting back what we give in purpose.

“The Ask for Alchemy workshop was interesting and illuminating. I enjoy exploring different ways of approaching things in order to achieve new insights. Thanks for providing this opportunity.“
Eyal Ungar, Pratt Institute

“Ask for Alchemy provides a powerful tool which opens a door for your team to explore ways in which to achieve excellence in a fun and interactive way.”
Tensie Whelan, Executive Director, Rainforest Alliance
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