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Sofia Costa Quintas
About Sofia Costa Quintas: Highlights

Sofia Costa Quintas is an accomplished management consultant and development coach. She has spent the past fifteen years leading internal training and executive development programs in major global organizations including Accenture, Clairins, BOSCH and the Rainforest Alliance, among others. Sofia consistently lectures about leadership at universities in Europe and the US the Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE), the University of Católica in Lisbon and at the Pratt Institute in New York. In 2001 she published her first book called Human.com: Password for Companies with a Face (Pergaminho, 2001) and is the creator of management development tools The Game of Business Alchemy and The Game of Creation. Sofia holds an undergraduate degree from the Instituto Superior de Comunicação Empresarial in Portugal (ISCEM) in enterprise communications and an MBA from the European University in Brussels, Belgium. She is certified by Bert Hellinger Institute Nederland in organizational constellations, holds a coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation and is a member of EFAP International and SHRM.

“From the first time I met Sofia Costa Quintas, talking with her about "The Game of Business Alchemy" I immediately recognized it as a powerful tool of transformation sprung from an inspired mind fuelled by pure creative genius. I have since had several opportunities to witness her approach in addressing the question of connection between leadership and spiritual capital in contemporary business environments, each time with powerful individual experiences and deep organizational insights. Sofia is as unique in this field as her tools are effective and long-lasting.”
Steven Furhmann, Consultant

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Proust Questionnaire - Expanding to the US from Portugal, Ask for Alchemy founder, Sofia Costa Quintas answers a few questions:

Q: What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Perfect happiness is connected with our attitude to life. Happiness comes from within ,not from outside. Time and time again, each of us is given opportunities to learn and remember that it is not outer things that bring happiness, but the interactions of our inner thoughts and feelings with those things.

Q: What is your idea of misery?
Not bothering to get to understand our own minds well enough not being able to be disciplined about decisions and actions.

Q: What is your favorite virtue?

Q: What is your main fault?
I get frustrated if I don´t see changes.

Q: Which historical figure do you most indentify with?
Gandhi - He was a person of charismatic character but with a determined self.

Q: What is your favorite journey?
Life journey

Q: What do you consider your great achievement?
Learning to love myself. In terms of work, I made it this far.

Q: How do you define success?
Success means living up to my commitments.

Q:If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I would learn to slow down more often and simply enjoy the moment.

Q:What is your motto?
Enjoy the Precious Moments of Your Life
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