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Leading from the inside out
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What if we could create a new world based on an economy of abundance where co-creation replaces control, where needs are gratified through a sense of true purpose in alignment with people´s hearts and passions.

Sustainable success is achieved through shared participation in organizations run by leaders who cultivate consciousness of Positive Intention, Intuition, Giving, Compassion and Joy in their teams.

The world of work should be a place of personal expression in which everyone is empowered to inspire others and each is passionate about making a difference.

Our economy is one of abundance, where inspiration, imagination and creativity are unlimited resources and are multiplied with use. Yet, we are impeded from engaging with the world through that lens by that which drives our survival instincts.

Each one of us can be the change-maker for our families, communities and our world. Together we can build a new world in a spirit of abundance and create new patterns of community and corporate culture based on cooperation rather than competition. We can create sustainable organizations and businesses that create real world success through co-creative wisdom.

We can transform thought, action, and global success through enlightened leadership, balanced actions, and internal harmony.

Ask for Alchemy abandons the traditional text book content approach to developing talent and training management. Ask For Alchemy provides the tools to accomplish this fundamental shift in how to achieve success and be fulfilled in work and in life. Change begins with One, with You - one step, one moment of inspiration to approach ones life, business, and world in a new way through a clear lens.

Learn more about Ask For Alchemy’s system of Transformation for your organization, and Manifestation for your life..

"Ask For Alchemy addresses the question of connection between leadership and spiritual capital in contemporary business environments, each time with powerful individual experiences and deep organizational insights. It is unique in this field as her tools are effective and long-lasting."

Mary Mac Bride, Creative Director and Chair, Pratt Institute of Art and Design
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